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Ben Moore mugshot photo
Ben Moore
News Editor – Channel
Ben was born in the UK and was promptly shuffled across the universe to Auckland at a young age. He is a total geek but tries to be pretty casual about it. He was sucked into theatre in his teens, which led to a lot of time on stage, as well as writing and directing when he could. After spending four years as high-school Drama teacher, Ben decided that it was about time for him to move on and see what else the world has to offer. However, wherever he goes he will always be sure to return home to his best-friends/cats.
+61 2 9133 8779
+64 9 973 5964
Catherine Knowles mugshot photo
Catherine Knowles
Currently working as a freelance writer and content creator, Catherine has a keen interest in all areas of technology and storytelling in our digital age. Having worked with a number of businesses and people across media, education, publishing and communications, Catherine has a definite respect for common sense, great content and turning ideas into reality.
Charles Angeles mugshot photo
Charles Angeles
Digital Account Manager
Charles was born in the USA and raised in the Philippines. He graduated from university with a degree in Legal Management. He has recently worked for almost two years in the Marketing and Events industry, gaining vast knowledge and experience with his craft. In his free time, he enjoys playing video games, basketball and collecting sneakers.
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Damian Seeto mugshot photo
Damian Seeto
Gaming Contributor
A freelance writer born and bred in Auckland, Damian has been contributing for Techday since 2009 and is always available whenever a video game needs to be reviewed. Aside from being a big gamer, he is also one of New Zealand's biggest professional wrestling fans. Damian likes Star Wars, comic book movies and Metallica.
+64 9 620 9671
Darren Price mugshot photo
Darren Price
Technology Writer – Australia
Darren 'VicBStard' Price has been playing video-games for nearly 30 years and writing about them for the last six. Darren hates sport, but loves sports video games – which he puts down to a mixture of being annoyingly contrary and extremely lazy. While he is completely tone deaf, he considers Rock Band and Guitar Hero to be his guilty pleasures. A geek from way back, Darren builds his own computers, collects comic books, owns several lightsabers and is a sucker for video-gaming merchandise. Since 2012 he has lived in Sydney where he writes reviews and reports back on the local gaming scene.
+61 4 1378 9269
Diana  Creighton mugshot photo
Diana Creighton
Diana was born in the UK and found her way to Australia and New Zealand. She's always travelling somewhere exciting and is away most of the New Zealand winter but always able to work online. When she’s not travelling, she is passionate about fitness and taking classes in yoga, body balance and pump at her local gym. Diana has a keen interest in eating and cooking and specialises in Middle Eastern and Indian cuisine. Diana had a career telemarketing music and housewares in Australia and then opening offices in New Zealand.
Greig Strafford mugshot photo
Greig Strafford
Reviewer / Contributor
Greig started life as a bobby on the beat in London, yet couldn't keep the anarchist geek locked away, ending with him being incarcerated in a lengthy stint as a technology innovator and implementer for the Police. Once he moved to New Zealand, Greig started working his way into the Auckland technology industry. A lover of shiny things, he can usually be found installing some new piece of tech into his house, car, or brain. Greig loves spreading the word of innovation (and guides of how to break terms and conditions). As a resident of Waiheke, he's a lover of live music, getting his hands dirty, and fine wine and whiskey.
+64 22 475 8650
Lama Farhat mugshot photo
Lama Farhat
Head of Account Management
Lama was born and raised in Lebanon. She studied dental technology for two years and worked at an animal shelter for two years. She moved to New Zealand on New Year's of 2017 looking for opportunities to expand her knowledge and expertise. Lama is really friendly and loves to leave people smiling. She's passionate about food, art, music and fluffy animals. In her free time, she enjoys playing video games and reading comic books.
+61 2 9042 2880
+64 9 973 5968
Neelam Cheema mugshot photo
Neelam Cheema
Head of Operations
Neelam was born and raised in India. She has worked in Retail Industry for over a decade. Her last stint was for a telecom operator, Bharti Airtel in India. After which she has moved to Auckland and has completed her Business administration Degree from AIS. Neelam loves talking and has a contagious smile. You will always have a good laugh when you are around her! She likes to explore nature's Scenic beauty & trying different delicacies!
+61 2 9098 8490
+64 9 973 5585
Nick Forrester mugshot photo
Nick Forrester
News Editor
Born and raised in Auckland, Nick moved to Wellington after high school to complete his undergraduate degree, before moving back to Auckland to complete his postgraduate degree in journalism from AUT. Nick is a passionate writer, and is keen on politics, gaming and writing reviews that no one asked for. An undercover nerd, you can find him on any given night at a pub quiz, board game night or hanging out with his dog.
+61 2 9133 8758
+64 9 973 1868
Owen McCarthy mugshot photo
Owen McCarthy
Owen McCarthy has had a long love affair with all things technical since the dawn of the computer age. He vividly remembers when he first heard the Enterprise computer say, “Affirmative,” in the 1960’s. By the mid-1980’s Owen was learning how to code using C and he was coding in HTML by the turn of the century. After a teaching career as an ICT specialist, Owen has been pestering editors for new technology to review on an annoyingly regular basis. In his spare time, he likes British Triumph motorcycles, downloading new Linux distros and chatting to Siri. He lists his chief loves as his wife, new technology and visiting the TechDay offices.
Sara Barker mugshot photo
Sara Barker
Managing Editor
Sara lives in a world of words and stories. For the last few years she has been delving deep into the rich world of tech news, content creation, journalism and reviews for Techday. She brings an academic background in information systems, marketing, radio, and journalism to her role. She enjoys casual gaming, cats, reading, and concert photography.
+61 2 9133 8782
+64 9 973 5154
Sean Mitchell mugshot photo
Sean Mitchell
Having started his career at Renaissance in Auckland, Sean joined Apple in Melbourne for a number of years before working in the media space. This started with Review Publishing and later the tech publisher IDG Communications in Auckland. In 2006 he was involved in the launch of The Channel magazine. As they say – the rest is history.
+61 2 9098 8254
+64 9 973 5960
Shannon Williams mugshot photo
Shannon Williams
Shannon is a freelance editor and writer. As a professional content creator over the last ten years, Shannon has worked across many industries including tech, business and travel, in a variety of mediums including media, publishing, communications and social media. She has a knack for finding the right voice for her audience and relishes the opportunity to tell stories.
Tom Richmond mugshot photo
Tom Richmond
Originally from the Isle of Man, Tom has been living in New Zealand for two years and has been contributing for Techday for most of that time. He loves sport, tech and cars. In his spare time, you’ll either find him on the golf course, playing football or test-driving a new car.